My Random Thoughts 

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Reference Links:

Ernest Haas: I am not interested in shooting new things --- I am interested to see things new

Jay Maisel: Light, Color and Gesture

Pete Turner: Simplicity is the goal

Joe Baraban: Stretch your Frame of Mind

Steve Simon: The Passionate Photographer: Obsessed with All Things Photographic

Seeing in Color: The Trinity formed by Haas, Pete Turner and Jay Meisel

Eric Meola

John Paul Caponigro: Like father like Son

Seth Resnick: Jay Maisel's Friend

Sean Kernan: Jay Maisel Said: Take Sean Kernan's Workshop

Maine Media Workshop: That remote place 

Freeman Patterson: The Art of Seeing

Andre Gallant: Inspiration and DreamScape

Dan Berg:  Berg Canvas Gallery

Deborah Sandidge: Long Time Exposure 

Caroline Maryan: Camera Mechanics Wizard 

Ciro Totku: Abstract Photography

40 Examples of Abstract Photography

Creatively Approaching Abstract Photography

Art and Abstract Photo Gallery

Chris Orwig: Visual Poetry 


Saul Leiter: In No Great Hurry

Andreas Gursky: Dusseldorf School under Bernd and Hilla Becher