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Cinematic EYE and Uncanny HEARING :Creative Giants

This week, Two Creative Giants in Cinematic Scene fell.  Both Giants trees marks its rings age at 83. 

        One wad Ken Takakura, 高倉 健, Japanse Film Actor, A popular Icon both in China and Japan. Here is what the New York Times has to say.

       The other was Film Director, or Legendary Directors (Because he was not only film director, but, music, Broadway and TV director), Mike Nichols. The husband of former ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer.  Here is the sweet love story about two.

      What made so special which attracted absolutely gorgeous, smartest interviewer, kindest soul in Diane Sawyer?

      Here is what film director Steve Spielberg has to say: "Mike was a friend, a muse 缪斯, a mentor, one of America's all time greatest film and stage directors, and one of the most generous people I have ever known. For me, 'The Graduate' was life altering—both as an experience at the movies as well as a master class about how to stage a scene," 

      Steve  is insightful:  "Mike had a brilliant cinematic eye and uncanny hearing for keeping scenes ironic and real!"

      Director Ron Howard gives the answer: "Any conversation was rich with Wit and Wisdom"

      No wonder Mike Nichols' "Beautiful, Rich Wife", As he called, Diana Sawyer wad not bored after 26 years of marriage! 

     "Greatest of great!": A life well lived. 

Two greatest of great!  RIP!