My Random Thoughts 

Best Black Friday and Discovery of Ernst Haas

A few year ago, I checked a book out from local library, entitled <<How to look at Photographs>> by David Finn. It is an excellent book. I did not purchase it, because the rating on Amazon was not that :good:. But I read it and re-read it I can't put it down. so that I kept renew and returned it and checked it out.  I liked it do much I decided to own the book in my photographic library. Finally, I purchased the book from Amazondotcom, cost $0.25 plus shipping $3.99. That was a best Black Friday deal!

Why the book so intrigued me? Here are the few chapters: Discovery, Inner Spirit, outer visage, revelations, the natural world, moment of being.  on p. 34, it discussed Henri Cartier-Bresson's Place de l'Europe Paris 1932. Who believed that what was seen in that decisive moment was the essence of photography. His eye was always on the lookout for things to come together: Sometimes you have the feeling that here are all the makings of a picture--except for just one thing that seems to be missing. But what one thing? Perhaps someone suddenly walks into your range of view. You follow his progress through the viewfinder. You wait and wait, and then finally you press the button -- and you depart with the feeling (thought you don't know why) that you've really got something. Wow! Yes I have had that feeling. 

I knew Henri Carti-Bresson's work. SO it is not a surprise. 

The surprise this book brought me was that it let me "Discovered" Ernst Haas. That feeling of discovery was so strong that It is so hard to express in writing:  I will try  next time.

The book made me believe and desire  to  be like Haas!